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Free Teeth Whitening at a Dentist’s Office

Teeth whitening at a dentist’s office outperforms whitening products you can buy in stores or online. Read on to learn how this procedure works and see why it’s one of the most cost-savvy ways to get a dramatic smile makeover.

Before your whitening appointment, we will take a mould of your teeth to prepare custom trays that fit over them. This ensures that the whitening gel does not touch your gums or cheeks.

In-Office Whitening

The best way to quickly brighten a smile is with in-office teeth whitening. While over-the-counter whitening solutions can require hours of repeated application and only offer modest results, in-office whitening takes just one hour to whiten a smile by several shades.

The teeth will be cleaned to make sure they are in good health and free of cavities or loose fillings before being coated with the whitening solution. Retractors will be placed to protect the gums and lips from exposure to the bleaching agent. The dentist will then activate the whitening gel with a light, which allows oxygen to enter the enamel and safely bleach out discolorations. The whitening gel will not work on dental restorations like crowns, veneers or bonding materials, but it is safe for the underlying dentin.

In-office whitening is very safe for adults and teenagers. However, it is important not to use unauthenticated whitening treatments that could do more harm than good.

Take-Home Whitening

A take-home whitening kit offers patients the ability to whiten their smile at home on their schedule. This option can be a more comfortable approach to teeth bleaching because the custom-fitted trays allow the bleaching gel only a small amount of exposure to sensitive gum tissue. Depending on the type of whitening gel, it may also be possible for patients to sleep in the trays overnight.

During your first visit, we’ll fabricate custom-fitted mouth trays and provide you with professional grade whitening gel that is stronger than what you can buy at your local grocery store. We’ll also give you tips on how to keep your new white smile, such as drinking plenty of water and using a straw for coffee and other dark liquids.

While whitening is cosmetic, the peroxide in the product helps to combat plaque, which can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. This makes whitening an excellent addition to your regular dental hygiene routine.

Zoom!® Whitening

This whitening treatment uses the Zoom advanced power chairside lamp and a specialized whitening gel to remove surface discoloration and brighten the teeth. The hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel breaks down under the halide light, allowing oxygen to penetrate the enamel and dentin, bleaching any stains and leaving the tooth structure intact.

This procedure takes about an hour to complete and requires a dental exam and cleaning before treatment. We’ll put protective equipment over your gums and lips and brush the whitening gel on to the teeth. Then we’ll shine the halide light onto the teeth for 15 minutes in three sessions.

After whitening, we’ll apply a fluoride paste gel to reduce tooth sensitivity. We’ll also give you a touch-up kit with trays and whitening gel to maintain your new white smile at home. While whitening is effective at removing many stains, it may not be the best option for certain types of discoloration. Porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dentistry treatments could help in these cases.

Retainer Whitening

Retainers are designed to sit flush against your teeth to prevent tooth movement after your orthodontic treatment. The clear retainers you wear can serve as whitening trays as long as you are careful with the bleaching gel used.

White spots and discoloration on your retainer are unsightly and a magnet for bacteria that can make you sick. Keeping your retainer clean with good oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing helps keep them free of the build up that causes these stains.

Using our whitening kit that includes a mouth tray case and 3 syringes of 5% hydrogen peroxide you can keep your smile bright while wearing your retainer. Simply apply the whitening gel to the inside surface of your retainer, making sure a small coat is painted on each tooth. Our convenient whitening pen makes application easy. Just twist the bottom of the pen to dispense the gel and then paint each tooth with a thin layer.

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