The Best and Safest Teeth Whitening Kits for Women

Teeth Whitening Lady Reviews – The Best Teeth Whitening Kits For Women

If you’re looking for a teeth-whitening product, avoid ones with strong chemicals. Instead, opt for one that uses a gentle abrasive.

Also, consider how long you want your results to last. It will depend on your lifestyle and diet. For instance, consuming food and drink that would stain a white shirt—including coffee, red wine, and turmeric-heavy dishes—will affect the longevity of your whitening.

1. Easy to use

The best teeth whitening kits for women are easy to use and don’t require special brushes or toothpaste. You can find some that even have a mouth tray that can be molded to your gum line, which will help protect your gums from irritation. Some even come with a LED light to boost the results of the whitening treatment.

While you can also find abrasive teeth whiteners that scrub away stains, those can make your teeth sore and cause tooth damage and nerve pain. Even if the pain is brief, it’s a good idea to speak with your dentist before trying such treatments.

Baking soda, which is gentle but still has a mild abrasive action, can help whiten your teeth. A paste made from equal parts baking soda and water will brighten your smile and make it sparkle.

2. Effective

Teeth whitening treatments vary in their effectiveness, but the best ones are proven. You can also maintain your whiteness with a rigorous oral hygiene routine and by staying away from foods and drinks that stain, including red wine, coffee and soda. You can even buy over-the-counter touch-up products like whitening strips and gels. It’s important to follow the directions on your whitening kit. You should avoid leaving strips or gels on for longer than recommended, as this could irritate your gums. You may also experience some tooth sensitivity after whitening, but this usually only lasts for a few hours.

The teeth-whitening stick known as the Miswak has been used in Pakistan, India and many African countries for thousands of years, and it’s now getting a lot more attention in the West. This is one of the most effective teeth whitening products on the market.

3. Safe

Teeth whitening products do not require a prescription or insurance and aren’t considered drugs. They aren’t regulated by the FDA, but they can be very safe when used as directed. However, some products can irritate sensitive teeth or gums. It’s best to use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth a couple of weeks prior to whitening, Bauserman says. And make sure to follow the directions, as leaving whitening strips or gel-filled trays on longer than recommended can increase sensitivity. You can also protect your teeth and gums by avoiding stain-causing foods and beverages, such as red and white wine, coffee, berries, soda and sports drinks.

4. Affordable

Unlike TikTok-inspired trends like swishing hydrogen peroxide, at-home teeth whiteners are a lot safer. But because many of these products are not regulated by the FDA, you’ll want to research the best options and shop around. Look for a kit with a moldable mouthpiece, says Dr. Marashi, which will ensure a better fit. One of his picks is this whitening system, which includes both a protective lip balm and a full protocol that requires two weeks to see results. It’s also an Amazon fan-favorite with lots of positive reviews. A pricier option is this kit, which also includes a special wavelength of light that activates the gel.

5. Reliable

No whitening treatment lasts forever, but you can keep your smile bright for months and even years to come by sticking to a rigorous oral care routine and by avoiding foods and drinks that stain. (You should also be careful about how long you leave whitening strips or gel-filled trays on your teeth and gums, or you might end up with sore gums or sensitivity.)

Dr. Marashi’s top pick for a full-on whitening system is this one from SmileDirectClub, which uses LED light to break down the dark colors that stain your teeth. It’s gentle enough for sensitive teeth and has great reviews on Amazon. The best thing about a whiter smile, though, is that it boosts your confidence and makes you more likely to get the job you want.

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